Just A Woman

Just A Woman,( JAW ) is a non-profit charity organisation with a primary goal of educating and empowering as well as supporting women who have been victims of spiritual/cult abuse , religious sexual abuse, emotional abuse and  mental health stigma abuse. Victims of such abuses are normally classified as mentally unstable by their abusers in order to control them, dismiss the abuse allegations, silence them and to publicly humiliate them.

This type of abuse seems to be on the rise in the United Kingdom, and our charity aims to provide a support network for such women that is so void in our communities today.

Whether a woman has once had a breakdown or not, whether a woman has a history or diagnosis of mental illness or not, or whether a woman has never had a mental illness still does not deserve to be labelled insane and have that label used to abuse them emotionally and psychologically.

Half the time women who do not even have any mental illness are given this label publicly and given a diagnosis by religious institutions and their abusive spouses as a way of controlling, manipulation and silencing their voices.

This kind of abuse is extremely cruel and has detrimental effects on the victims, and JAW aims to raise awareness of such abuse and impact the society in a positive way by saving women from effects of such abuse.

As one once said, “Insanity is relative, it depends on who has who locked in what cage”
This type of abuse simply depends on who is holding a key to the cage, and who have they locked in that cage that they won’t be able to escape.

The issue is not that a woman has mental illness, the paramount issue is the abuse that is being done in the name of mental illness, (or in most cases calling a woman demon possessed)  which proceeds and opens doors for religious sexual abuse, spiritual abuse and spousal emotional abuse.  And this is exactly what our charity aims to unveil.

Just A Woman (the book)

The book / booklet will be an educational tool with information on  religious sexual abuse and spiritual/cult abuse as well as emotional abuse,mental health stigma abuse, as well as other life threatening abuses facing mostly women of colour in the United Kingdom today especially in pentecostal religious institutions.  It will also feature real life stories of former victims and how they have overcome the abuse. The book will help victims know that they are not alone, and this type of abuse can happen to anyone. The book sales will go towards the charity foundation and the money will be used to help victims.

Just A Woman (the magazine)

A cutting edge contemporary lifestyle magazine with a feel good factor with an aim of empowering, educating and motivating women. This magazine will be a platform of women to share their voices and give them power to express themselves and allow them to be the women they were created to be – building confidence and self-esteem.  The magazine will feature women’s health, both physical and mental, awareness on mental health stigma abuse, and real life stories and news from around the world and within the country on religious sexual abuse and spiritual abuse as well as beauty, fashion and all the things that makes a woman blossom. The magazine will be an expression of being a woman and overcoming the abuses and stigmas that prevents her from flourishing.

The magazine will also be a platform for advertising women’s businesses and the money made from the magazine to be used towards the charity. The JAW magazine will be unveiled at the launch of Just A Woman Charity.

Just A Woman (the website) 

The website will be a platform to let the world know about our charity, what it does and why it is there. It will also be a place to inform the public about ongoing events and seminars and fundraising projects.

Website and launch date of JUST A WOMAN Foundation coming soon.

For more information on the Just A Woman… charity please visit the web site: www.justawoman.co.uk

Founder: Jean Gasho

Trustees: Cindy Martin, Mandy Jones, Gaynor Maichi